Apple is cool and Android is not

There I said it. Now, I’m not going to define up front what exactly it is I mean by cool, especially considering that my notion of cool is probably way out of alignment with yours but I think we all have some fundamental understanding of what cool is, right? Simon and I work with students from an array of different cultural backgrounds yet until quite recently all students would agree that Apple is cool and Android is not. This presents us with a real challenge in evaluating our software -which has been developed exclusively for the Android platform- as most of our students tend to own Apple hardware. When we asked the students about their preference for Apple technology they simply responded that “Apple was best”. While this simple statement would have been true just two years ago the landscape has shifted in Androids favour. With recent offerings from the Android camp such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the LG Nexus 4 Apple is no longer the clear winner in the mobile market. Yet, many of our students still prefer Apple devices. We could of course argue that this is merely a matter of personal preference. However, we have noticed that many of our students tend to use their mobile devices as simple telephones. No apps, no email, no internet browsing, just good old telephone conversations and maybe the odd text message here and there. In fact, while many of our students have the latest iPhones many of them have no idea how to access the App store let alone download Apps. This has led us to investigate the hows and why’s of our students mobile technology choices and habits.

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