Creating Video using Mobile Technology

This week we started a video project with our EFL Business English Students. We are planning to run our project in our 1.5 hr session on Thursday over 5 weeks.

 the storyboard

The ‘flipped’ classroom has been increasing in pace across the further and higher education sector. The idea behind the flipped classroom is that most of the input of a lesson can be delivered using video to save time so more practical work can be done in class. One challenge with the approach is to engage learners in the delivery of the video input. One objective of our project is to involve our learners in the video creation process and create a video to inform teachers of new educational technology. The idea of the learners creating instructional resources would certainly add another dimension to the concept of ‘flipped’ learning.

Our video project will give our language learners the opportunity to:
1. Define the aims and objectives of the video clip
2. Create storyboards and construct collaborative scripts
3. Rehearse and film (2 sessions)
4. Edit and publish the final product

The fifth post will discuss the teacher training opportunities available across Europe. Let us know how you are integrating video creation into your language courses!

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